After graduating from Transylvania University in 2005 with a B.A. in Studio Art and all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto, I moved to the first place I found a grownup job…Louisville. Even though I loved my job, I found myself constantly searching for ways to express my creativity. One would expect that expression of creativity wouldn’t be difficult in a city saturated with it. However, I’m not the art major that finds drawing, painting, or sketching easy, fun, or therapeutic. Being that I don’t have immediate access to a MIG welder or a ceramics studio, food has become my medium of choice. It is logical. Relatively speaking, materials are inexpensive and a girl’s gotta eat anyway!

At an event a couple years ago, I stumbled upon these incredible little desserts. My immediate reaction to them was that of confusion. It was unclear what the little chocolate balls contained, but I was too intrigued not to try. After one bite two things were clear- one, this little chocolate ball contained cake and two, it was FANTASTIC!

These “cake balls” were quite the sensation; everyone at the event was talking about them. I just had to know how they were made. After obtaining the basic recipe, I left the event with intentions of making them immediately. I did exactly that and making them became an immediate obsession. It was just the creative outlet I had been looking for.

I took that basic recipe, altered it to suit my taste and began developing different flavors and coordinating topping decor. Soon after, I was receiving requests to bring them everywhere I went! I decided my “cake balls” needed a name, started calling them Tittles and the rest is history!

A tittle is made by crumbling a fresh baked cake and forming the crumbs into small balls that are then hand dipped into either white or milk chocolate. After taking a dip, each ball is adorned with various toppings and decorations. Please check out the menu for individual descriptions and pictures of each Tittle and their complementary groupings!



Wedding season is quickly approaching!  Imagine how beautiful Tittles would be complimenting a cake or wrapped up as a favor for your guests!  If you're interested in having Tittles at your big day, email for information about specially priced wedding packages!